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Day 101: 3 frugal tips I am ignoring and how it's saving me money

So, in reading lots of blogs and books about frugal living a number of common rules come up. And I am currently breaking three of them. In fact, I used to follow these frugal rules and only started breaking them when I began Detoxing.

1) Cancel your cable.

This is supposed to save you money. "Cancel your cable!" the books and blogs say. "You can watch TV on your computer for free! Or use Netflix for cheap! Or borrow TV shows from the Library!"

I used to do those things (not the Netflix thing). In fact, I didn't have a TV for years and years, and when I got one, I only used it to watch DVDs from the Library. But then... they had a deal on cheap cable. And it turned out that having cable makes my phone/internet bill about $50 less per month.

Getting cable = cheaper. For three months.

2) Stop buying magazines.

The books and blogs and my life mentor, Gail Vaz-Oxlade, all yell at you "Don't buy magazines! Borrow them from the Library! Read articles online! Cancel your subscriptions!"

And I used to buy magazines every now and then. At some point about 3 years ago, I developed an addiction to Cosmopolitan but at first I'd only buy it if I liked the cover model (Lauren Conrad, Lady Gaga = yes. Kate Bosworth, Katherine Heigl = no). And then I started buying it all the time. And then I noticed that if you subscribe, it's just $1/issue compared to the $5/issue when you buy them once in awhile.

So, subscribing to magazines = saving money.

3) Cancel your land-line.

When I first moved cities, it made sense to just have a cell phone because I was moving from apartment to apartment quite a bit. And even when I settled down, I didn't see the need to get a landline.

Until my cell phone died.

And I realized I had no way of calling 911, getting in touch with doctors, dentists etc. about appointments, or call anybody ever. Yes, there is Skype. And yes, there is Google Talk. But neither of them calls 911.

Oh, and then having the phone bundled in with the cable and the internet is, again, saving me $50/month.


Niki said...

Ha, we do all of these.

Ditto on Katherine Heigl, she bothers me,

Lisa @Cents To Save said...

I gave up my land line...... for about a week. I felt naked. I have it back.

Dmarie said...

we gave up the landline quite awhile back. It's a gamble, I'll admit. :(

Serendipity said...

I subscribe to magazines. I really like reading them and I'm not going to give them up so I just figured out a frugal way to have them.

Annabelle said...

Serendipity, it makes more sense to me, too! Plus, it's one less impulse buy when I'm waiting in line at the drugstore.

Anonymous said...

I still have magazine subscriptions. Just less. I no longer buy 2 or 3 mags and I subscribed to the pair I really like. More time to read those, more money :_-P


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