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Day 100: DAY 100!!

I can't believe it's day 100, you guys! I also can't believe I've made it this far, not only blogging every day, but also doing my best every day to follow my Detox rules.

So, how am I doing?

... Well, I don't like to measure things in numbers. For instance, I have been going to the gym and trying to eat a little better, but I have no idea how much I weigh. I know that some of my clothes fit now that didn't used to fit, and I also know that the sleeves are now tighter in some clothes than they used to be. But I don't know how much my weight has changed.

I am also getting very good at finding cute retro images.

Similarly, while I have the long-term goal of paying down my debt, I don't have a set dollar amount that I want it to be at. I have paid down more than this time last month. I have not gone into overdraft. I have not transferred money out of my credit cards. And I definitely am having fun with this project.

For me, being frugal (and shopping detox itself) is a fun challenge and definitely it's changing my entire lifestyle. Even when I slide into impulse shopping, it's being fully aware of why I *shouldn't* be buying this, which is for sure a step in the right direction. And definitely doing the no-spend grocery challenge has  made me re-think what I have in my kitchen and I am going to continue shopping my shelves before buying groceries for sure.

Balancing frugalism with fabulosity.

I am also going to begin on Project 333 sometime soon (when I have the time to go through my clothes!) which will, I hope, bring a similar awareness to my clothing.

Oh, and I just ran out of leave-in spray conditioner. I wonder if there is a way to make your own? The internet says you can. Although I wonder why it needs lemon juice? I will let you guys know how this goes...


Frugal Forties said...

I make my own leave in conditioner by just diluting my regular conditioner with a LOT of water and putting it in a spray bottle. I'm thinking close to 1:10 ratio conditioner to water. I spray just the ends of my hair, not the scalp. Works really well for me. :)

Niki said...

We have been going strong with getting out of debt for over six months now. The key for us is to have fun with it. I say things like wouldn't it be fun to try and not eat out at all this month, to my husband. He says sure, okay maybe he isn't as super duper excited about things like that, but people are rarely as excited as me. I love a challenge!

I would be afraid to put lemon in my hair, I think it bleaches.

Annabelle said...

I totally agree, you guys. I have no idea why this conditioner recipe includes lemon juice. Seems like that would just make it more perishable somehow?

I will try diluted conditioner in a spray bottle. How can that not work?

And Niki - my BF is also not as excited as I am with my constant challenges, but he sees how much fun I'm having and he helps me figure out the rules and guidelines, etc. Having supportive friends is so crucial!

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