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Day 90: Most Extreme No Spend Challenge

So.... you remember my meal plan for today?

Breakfast; bagel with butter.
Lunch: egg salad sandwich.
Snack: apple.
Supper: pork chop and perogies and peas.

Thus far (and it is 10:30pm) I have had the bagel (no butter, no time) and then... I bought lunch (a BLT) and then... I had a granola bar for a snack and then... it's 10:30pm. So I actually, remarkably, ate only one thing that I had planned for.

Clearly, my meal planning needs some tweaking.

But if I can cut costs on groceries, it will be SO HELPFUL for my paying off debt/saving money lifestyle. And so I think I need to shock myself into paying more attention to what I own and what I buy and what I make myself to eat.

And so, therefore, I present my April challenges, which will be on a weekly basis. And the first week? NO GROCERY SHOPPING. At all. With the following exception: milk. If I run out of milk, I can buy new milk. But there are loads of things in my kitchen that I never eat, and I need to eat them.


And then we'll take it from there. And now I am going to have a late-late supper of egg salad sandwich. Maybe.

Oh, and for the record, I forget what my grocery budget was this month, but I'm pretty sure that what I spent - $557.70 - is probably way more than I had meant to spend.


Crankygirl said...

557!? That's close to what we spend a month. Our budget is 500, but we usually go over. Good luck, and then you can tell me how you did it. :)

Annabelle said...

Yeah, I have no idea how my groceries came out to that much. And I would estimate that at least $150 of the food went rotten and got thrown away.

Frugal Forties said...

The fail picture had me chuckling.

Sticking to my food budget has always been hard for me because I like food. I like to cook and I like to eat and ... well, yeah.

Hang in there and good luck with the no-grocery-shopping!

halfdozendaily said...

Sticking to any plan (meal, budget, etc...) can be SO hard! Great challenge for the first week of April! I think I'll join you! We have a TONNE of food in the house & it needs to be used up! I think I have $60 in my wallet and I'll use it to buy some of the produce after it's GONE only! I'll whip up a meal plan for the week & post tomorrow.

Annabelle said...

Halfdozen, I think (and it's just day 1, mind you) this will really help me cut down on needless expenses. It's the food version of "shopping your closet" - thinking of my kitchen as a grocery store, challenging myself to make meals of what I already have.

Plus, after the week's done I'll have way more shelf space for new fresh ingredients!

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