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Day 89: Meal plans begin to coalesce

I've been investigating a bunch of menu/recipe websites in preparation for Meal Plan April. I have also just gotten a new book from the library, Frugal Living for Dummies, which includes a zillion meal plan type things.

This book was written especially for me.

The first bit of advice that I really appreciate from the Dummies book is that it first suggested making a list of the things you like to eat. I think part of what was getting in the way of actually making a meal plan was this pressure that all of the meals had to be like, perfectly nutritious and made out of sustainable ingredients. But I think that my first meal plan is going to just include stuff I like to eat and then, once I'm used to meal planning, I can start gradually adding other ingredients.

Why do vegetables go so badly so quickly? Why don't I eat them more?

This grocery thing is really a huge challenge for me. But as the Dummies book says, grocery budget is one of the monthly regular things where you can really reduce your spending. And despite my good intentions, I still have a fridge full of spoiled produce that I never really got around to using.

So. Meal planning babysteps:

Thursday meal plan:

Breakfast; bagel with butter.
Lunch: egg salad sandwich.
Snack: apple.
Supper: pork chop and perogies and peas.

I promise that now I'm doing meal planning, the blog won't turn boring. It'll just be more food-centric for awhile. I am also pretty sure I will set a grocery budget for April of $200 total. Challenge!


Kate said...

The rotten produce problem is hard to deal with - if you can find recipes to deal with them and then freeze 'em, that helps a lot (chili and soup tend to be good for that).
It's not a bad thing to want your meals to be sustainable and nutritious and junk, but one thing at a time - starting with what you like is awesome, and if you get in that habit, I'm sure that any changes you want to make to be healthier/more cost efficient/sustainable whatever will easily follow.

halfdozendaily said...

Groceries are definitely one of the best ways to save $$! I've cut our bill down to $150/week for the 6 of us and it definitely helps! Good luck this month! I need to add you to my blogroll so I can stay updated! :)

Annabelle said...

Thanks, Kate. You're right, I need to do this babystep fashion. And the first step is stopping overbuying produce. The second step is to notice it's going rotten so I can do something with it before it just gets stank.

Halfdozen - thanks for checking out the blog! I can't even imagine meal planning for a family of 6. If you can do it, I can do it for 1 person!

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