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Day 88: the pressures of being delightful

"This delightful blog takes inches off your age"

You guys, I have been officially declared a Delightful Blog by (note: if you want to help out, please look me up there and rank my delight level to boost my rating - currently at 8 on a scale of 1 - 10 delightfulness). This is also a fun place to find new blogs to read, if you so desire.

In honour of this great honour, I present to you the classic 90s band, Deeee-lite:

So anyway. Not just the fact that I have been declared 100% Official Delightful, but also because every day it seems like more and more people are checking out this humble blog, I feel more duty-bound than ever to honour the Detox Rules.

... the thing is, it's kind of hard to do.

OK, that's not quite it. It's actually very easy to break the Detox Rules. This is because I have the will power of a... thing without will power (it's late, my one-liner brain part has shut down). Anyway, for instance, when I am in a store and I see the display of nail polish or lip balm or whatever, I think first, "Oh, cute!" and then I think, "But Detox says no." But then I think, "But I can buy it if I don't already have one!"

Which is why I now own these:

Sally Hanson Salon Effects press-on nails in "Check it out"

There are way too many loopholes in the Detox Rules for someone with a slippery, loophole-seeking missile of a brain like mine. Like how I continue to buy large bags of M&Ms even though I am not supposed to buy chocolate bars ("They aren't chocolate bars! They are M&Ms! And if I buy this large bag, it's COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from buying the smaller, chocolate-bar size bag, which makes it TOTALLY OK")

Mama Gail would not be smiling if she saw how many bags of M&Ms I bought this month.

So, here's the plan for April. Gail Vaz-Oxlade, whose show "Til Debt Do Us Part" I have now seen like, three times, gives people a specific budget for their detox. So, instead of being all wishy-washy and like, "I will try and spend less on groceries, la la la, M&Ms ARE ON SALE WHEEE" I am going to give myself a finite budget for the month of April.

The precise dollar amount is to be determined. But I am thinking something like - $200 for food, $100 for unexpected other things.

And I am going to make an Official Rule that I can no longer buy chocolate bars OR M&Ms. This means that a new item to binge-purchase will pop out of nowhere, but I will try and stay resolute.

In the mean time, I have some press-on nails to apply...


FB @ said...

*LAUGHING* "Mama gail would not be smiling if she saw how many bags of M&Ms I bought this month"

I feel like that when I look at the macarons I eat. *guilty*

Foster said...

Thanks for commenting, FB! And now I feel like having a macaron...

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