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Day 87: link luuurve

Yes, that's right. It's time for another one of my random lists of interesting articles of stuff. Rest assured, I am still busy using the last dregs of dish soap (in preparation for my homemade dish soap project), I am packing lunch for work everyday like a champ, I am avoiding chocolate bars and Starbucks (... if not M&Ms), and otherwise fulfilling my Shopping Detox responsibilities.

I really need to sort out this meal plan fiasco, though. I just threw out a bunch of avocados, spinach, and my freezer is full of I'm-not-sure-what. Oh, and I keep eating grilled cheese sandwiches for every meal, every day.

Wal-Mart chic (the original) (Penny Chic)

You need to cut your spending. It sounds painful. Now what?  (The Simple Dollar)

Frugal dinners: thoughts on meal planning (Fabulously Fru-girl)

Designate a "no-buy day" every week (Eco Mama)

Buyer's remorse - you wretched but wonderful beast (And then she saved)

Purchasing behavior patterns  (Boomer & Echo)

Mock tuna salad (Kayla K's thrifty ways)

Thrifty vs cheap (Gail Vaz-Oxlade)

And I had one of my articles featured in the 272nd Festival of Frugality! Woot woot!

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