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Day 86: goingonce goingtwice sooooold!


You guys, I went to a real-life auction today! My friend LS asked me to volunteer to help out, since it was an art auction to raise funds for the sexual health centre here. And my job was to play Vanna White - I worked with 3 other people to bring up the appropriate art in order.

So anyway, people were spending mad money at this auction. Like, I think I held the most expensive things I have ever had in my hands today. When will I next carry around a piece of art that sold for $4,600?

And it got me thinking about how different people value different things. Like, I can't imagine every buying something for $4,600 (or even $1,500) ESPECIALLY a painting. ESPECIALLY a painting of a landscape. But to the people at the auction, they lived in this world and recognized the artists' names, and probably will hang these painting up and their friends will be impressed and envious.

If I saw someone wearing this nail polish, I would be both appreciative AND envious. And probably ask to borrow it.

And I fully respect that. In my current life, if I saw someone wearing a colour of nail polish from the Katy Perry collection for OPI, I would react with envy and appreciation. But that's for a $15 bottle of nail polish. What else do I value? Like, what would I spend upwards of $1,000 on?

1) Very expensive and fancy shoes, provided I like them in the first place (i.e. Jimmy Choo or Louboutin heels)
2) ... Maybe like a really nice piece of furniture, such as a really cute sofa? Do those cost that much?
3) A holiday! I would spend upwards of $1,000 on a plane ticket to somewhere very exciting and fun.
4) An iPad, maybe? But those are less than $1,000 I guess.

Honestly? There aren't that many single items I'd spend $1,000 on. But I would spend over $1,000 on some sort of shopping spree type situation, i.e., if I was given $1,000 and told to go wild in Sephora or Anthropologie, I would be thrilled.

So, I don't know. Art has value to people who know about it, just as nail polish has value to people who know about it. And today, I got to hang out and have fun in a world where people applaud other peoples' purchases of $4,600 pieces of art.

In other news: auctions can be so exciting! When two people really want the same thing, it gets pretty intense.

And if you were wondering, for my debut on the art scene, I wore a black long-sleeve tee, black skinny pants, an Overman key necklace, and a white scarf. And lots of black eyeliner and mascara, which I think makes one look extra-artsy.

I looked basically like this, FYI.


Kayla said...

I have the Black Shatter nail polish and I seriously laahhhvveee it. Although it was only $12 for me.. Completely worth it though!

Foster said...

AHHHH jealous. Why did this nailpolish only come into existence after I made a solemn vow not to buy any more makeup for a year?


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