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Day 85: homemade dish soap update

... but hippies don't use soap, do they?

Hi, so remember how I was going to make my own dish soap? I mentioned my plan (which includes castille soap) to my friend, who was like, "Oh, liquid castille soap! That's the hippie soap, right?" And I guess there is some overlap between being frugal/environmentally aware and being a hippie. So I will have to tread carefully here.

Anyway, I still am planning to make my own soap, but there was still a bit of dish soap left in my bottle I already had. So, I mixed it with some water and am just using up the last of this diluted actual-dish soap.

It works pretty well, I think. I remember from when I used to work in food service, that dishes get just as clean if you put the soap in first (with lots of bubble action) as if you add it last (with minimal bubble action). Somehow, though, the less-bubbly water seems like it's not cleaning quite as well.

I have bought some liquid castille soap, which I am going to mix with water to make dish soap. As an experiment, I used some undiluted liquid castille soap in a load of dishes, and it just wound up feeling like I was washing dishes in greasy hand lotion. So that's probably why you're supposed to dilute it.

So blah blah blah. I will stick to my guns and make castille dish soap, and I will use it till it's gone, even if it means that all of my dishes will be lavender-scented (that's the only kind I could get) lotion-y. Or maybe they will be super-clean?

In any case, I found more socks to darn, so I'm good.

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fabulouslyfrugirl said...

That's pretty cool that you are making your own soap. I'm not sure if I have the patience... but I'd like to learn more about it before deciding.

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