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Day 82: darn!

New frugal inspiration: Caroline Ingalls
Has anyone out there ever darned a sock? ... is it hard to do?

Because here's the thing: my excellent new woolly kneesocks I got for Christmas have got holes in the big toes! Of both of them!

How! Is! This! Happening?!

I mean, I've had these socks for like three months. I have had other socks for probably YEARS and the toes are OK. These are supercute knee socks and I think the frugal thing to do here is to rescue them. By darning them. do you do this?

Internet how-do videos always make it look so easy. I mean, I have a crochet hook. I have yarn. Can I do this?

Well, I will at least try. I am going to channel in inner Little Frugal Prairie Lady and do this up.

Seriously, if these were older and/or less cute socks, I would just be like, "Yay, one less pair of socks!" Because I do have an overflowing sock drawer. But these are REALLY NICE SOCKS you guys, so I am going to try this out. I'll let you know how it gooooes...


Niki said...

I darned a sweater, I am not sure if it is still darning if it is a sweater, but any way I used wool and a felt needle. Pretty easy.

Kate said...

If they're not hand made, you can just darn 'em up with a regular needle and a double thickness of thread. If they're actually wool and you can see the loops and bars, you can probably just cast the loops on, and pick up the bars with a little bit of remnant yarn or embroidary (sp?) floss.

K said...

Hey! Thanks for having my blog linked at the side of your blog! I just checked out my Google Analytics today and noticed that I had some visitors who got to my site through yours. =)

I have read a few of your posts, and am liking your goals for the year for your "shopping detox" - consider me subscribed! I will definitely be keeping up with what you're doing. Good luck!

xo. Kayla $

Anonymous said...

My mom always turned the sock inside out and then placed a used lightbulb inside to stabilize it when darning. Guess that doesn't work as well with the new CFL lights.

Foster said...

Thanks for the tips, team! I totes just darned my socks with very thin yarn. Woot woot! I used lightbulb, but it was kind of pointy, so not the best thing... actually, I think I'm going to go blog about this. Thanks!!

And thanks for checking out the blog, Kayla!

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