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Day 81: confessions of a shopaholic (hmm... why does that title sound familiar?)


Why do I like buying clothes so much?

1) I like the experience of going into a new store and seeing what sorts of things they have. My shopping style is to completely circumnavigate the store, then go back and pick up the things that caught my eye. This method works well so that you can make sure you get the nicest things to try on -- if you see one thing that's kind of meh, but on the other side of the store is something even better, you can save the trouble of trying on the meh item.

2) I like hunting down a specific item, when I am on a mission. The best example of this is when I was costuming a play based on the Jem and the Holograms TV show and I became expert at tracking down anything a) neon pink, b) zebra print, or c) otherwise reminscent of Jem. When I am on the lookout for one item -- like, lately, a pair of shorty overalls -- I am able to sweep an entire store in probably 0.5 seconds to deduce where such an item would be.

3) I like trying things on. If they don't fit, it's like, "Great! Now I don't have to buy it!" and if it looks great, then I instantaneously imagine a bunch of situations where I am wearing this item and look glamorous in it. These tend not to be realistic, and veer towards situations like Sunning myself on a yacht in Greece, and very frequently, 4th of July picnic. (note: I live in Canada)

4) I like buying things. Like, the physical act of purchasing. The salesclerk usually compliments whatever it is I'm buying, and then I add something else complimentary about the item. e.g.

Clerk: Oh, you got the last one of these!
Me: It's so comfy, I love it!

5) And then I like carrying the bag home, opening the bag when I get home to remember what I bought, and then the best part is wearing it for the first time.

... and then after a few weeks, I get acclimatized to having the item and it is no longer novel. And then I need something new.

And this is why stopping buying clothes is going to be a struggle for me. Maybe it sounds silly to call it a hobby, but it really is for me. I strategize just like people do whose hobby is like, hiking. I read about a new fashion thing somewhere, then investigate around stores to see who sells it and then find out where the best price is, etc.

I am working on this -- i.e. weaning myself away from the endorphin rush of the hunt. But it's really easy to fall back into the habit.


Marilyn said...

I'd love for you to go shopping with me. I'm horrible at shopping for clothes. I get completely overwhelmed in a store and I end up giving up.

Perhaps you need to become a professional wardrobe shopper. Can I be your first client :)

Annabelle said...

Marilyn, that is my ultimate dream job. I "unprofessionally" assist my friends with this sort of thing as much as I can! Plus, vicarious shopping is much more frugal than actual shopping for myself.

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