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Day 80: le sigh

So, today and tomorrow I am on STAYCATION!

Sing it, From Justin to Kelly:

Staycation, all I ever wanted! Staycation, going to get away...

So anyway. It's just like vacation, but better, because there's no annoying travel time. I did lots of stuff I've been meaning to do, many of which have to do with being frugal.

1) The TV guy came over and reconfigured my cheapy cable TV to have a DVR!!! Which is an extra $5 a month for 3 months. I don't know how I will deal when 3 months are up and I have to get rid of my cheap, cheap cable. What will I do without watching Mantracker and Australia's Next Top Model every day?

2) When I was going through my clothes awhile back, I found a pair of boots that have had a broken zipper for about 2 years. So, I took the errant boot to the boot repair store, where they can repair it for $45. Which is cheaper than buying new boots and now I will have functional boots! I also am getting two brokeback zipper purses fixed at the same time.

3) And then... laundry. I've been needing to do laundry for such a crazy long time that there are two loads' worth. Laundry in my building costs $2.25 to wash and then $2.25 to dry, and I only had enough for one load. So, tomorrow I will need to break some change somewhere...

and then I kind of went to Winners and I kind of bought some new workout clothes, but I need new workout clothes because all of my old ones were in the laundry and if I don't do laundry very often, I will need more than two pairs of exercise pants and they were on sale, so it's OK, right?


fabulouslyfrugirl said...

I remember a while back, I wanted to fix my zipper and when the guy quoted me $45, I wanted to cry because my boots only cost $30... But I can understand if it's a pair of boots that you love.

It's hard to find good shoes! :)

Foster said...

I've had these boots for years and years and years. I think I bought them for around $100 initially, and I'm so excited to have them back.

... after forgetting I owned them for a really long time!

laura@nomorespending said...

I need to learn how to fix zippers...sounds like a lucrative side income!!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a pretty lame excuse.

Foster said...

Yes, well, I never said it was a good excuse. But it's the best I got!

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