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Day 77: Depress-fun

So, I am going to a 1930s/Depression theme party tomorrow. Pre-detox, that would have meant a fun shopping trip to get some sort of 1930s-style dress/outfit, possibly some kind of 1930s-esque makeup, and some 1930s-esque jewellery.

But it is the Year of Shopping Detox, and I am determined to figure out an outfit based on the things I already own.

Option 1: 1930s mobstar 

Who knew that one day I would be looking to Steve Buscemi for fashion inspiration... 
This outfit would include a button-up shirt, necktie and vest (all of which I own), along with maybe a blazer (if my blazer fits). Or I could just wear an oversized button-up shirt/dress, with vest and necktie, over leggings/tights. So it would be like 1930s mobstar crossed with Linday Lohan. I don't know.

Option 2: Shirley Temple gone crazy

Note: I do not recommend Googling "sexy Shirley Temple." Just FYI.
This would include curling my hair into ringlets, crafting a large fake lollipop out of something (cardboard?), frilly socks, Mary Jane shoes and.... yeah, I don't have any of that stuff. Remember when I didn't buy the tutu? If I had the tutu I COULD SO DO THIS. Dammit.

Option 3: 1930s fashion designer lady

Coco Chanel!
I could do a Coco Chanel thing with a stripy shirt (I have lots of these, FYI) and menswear pants (... I don't really have any of those though).

Elsa Schiaparelli!
I could do a Sciaparelli thing too, with my Schiaparelli sweater... oh, wait. I didn't buy that either.

Option 4: Wallis Simpson

Add caption

All I need to do is be really thin, possibly a Nazi sympathizer, force a king to abdicate, and in a roundabout way, inspire an Oscar-winning movie starring Colin Firth. Hey, the AP says she's back in fashion.

Option 5: Hobo couture

Note: I also do not advocate Googling "sexy hobo costume"
So, who knows? We'll see what I come up with tomorrow. But some sort of finger-wave hairstyle may be involved, since I found this extremely helpful Youtube tutorial:

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