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Day 76: Frugal slacking

I bought a sub for lunch. What is my penance?

So, I am going to make a frugal confession: I have bought lunch almost everyday this week. Why? Work continues to be crazy, I get home and am tired, and just get lazy. Maybe I also ran out of groceries? Lack of meal planning?

Anyway, I have remedied the situation by purchasing a) bread, b) lunch meat and c) lettuce. So tomorrow will bring home-packed sandwiches.

But this illustrates part of my difficulty with frugal living, which is, it's so much easier to just pay money for convenience. I can buy groceries and carefully meal plan so nothing goes to waste OR I can slack off, buy a Subway sandwich, and call it a day. I can buy flour and sugar and chocolate chips and spend an hour baking cookies OR I can buy a package of M&Ms.

It's the same thing as how it's so easy to run to the corner store and buy milk and cheese, which costs more than if I take an hour and bus out to the Superstore and buy them there.

Being frugal takes time, planning, and energy. And being non-frugal is so easy.

Bearing this in mind, I need to remember that being frugal is worth the time and energy. And also, home packed lunch tastes better.

On that note, I need to go now and make a sandwich for work tomorrow.


Lindy Mint said...

I've found myself wrought with guilt over buying $4.99 brownies at the bakery instead of a $2 box of brownie mix. But in the end, when I really need a brownie (you know when those times are), making one just isn't going to cut it.

Just think of all the times you DID bring your lunch, and how much you've saved already, then you'll feel better.

Now, if only I could get my husband to brown bag...

Foster said...

That's actually a great way to think of it, Lindy! Put that way, each time I brown bagged it, I was basically able to put another $10 into savings.

And I agree - sometimes you just need to have a brownie :)

Anonymous said...

brownie option b: make them (mix or scratch - nearly as simple, is it cheaper in long run?) & then freeze them & you have frozen brownies or thawed brownies or 'nuked brownies for those inevitable cravings.

course my problem is then that i'm likely to keep pulling 'just one more' out of the freezer.


Foster said...

Cari, I like the way you think. Also, most cookie/brownie recipes make way more than I can eat before they go stale (even with my cat helping out) so freezing sounds key.

Unfortch, my freezer is not the biggest.

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