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Day 75: Frugal hair day

You guys, I am at a crossroads re: my hair. As with most things, the most frugal options would be to either:

a) never cut it, and let its frizzy, shapeless, split-endsy glory announce my frugality
b) cut it myself, and let its choppy, misshapen ends announce my frugality

But blah blah blah. I've been through all of this back on Day 10: Frugal Hair. And as I decided then, I maintain that I will never do full-on Michelle Duggar frugal hair:

Never. Gonna. Happen.

So, as with everything else, I am going to have to find a balance between frugal hair and expensive hair. And I am in a unique position to do this currently, since my beloved hairstylist just had a baby and will be on mat leave for a year. So I am able to find a newer (cheaper) hairstylist for the time being.

In the meantime, today I went for a free! Bangs trim. Luurve that bang trims are free. This totally freshened up my haircut, which is great news. And then, based on a thing I read yesterday in Cosmo, I have decided to add blondy bits to the bottom of my hair. Kind of like this:

The new ombre hair: darker on the top, blondy on the tips
And! At the drugstore, they were selling a home highlighting kit for only $6.99!

New hairdo for $6.99! Just as frugal as staying at home with a Flowbee*, but so much more appealing.

* the Flowbee precision home haircutting system


Red said...

I'm waiting for my hair to get really split end-y before I try cutting it myself. Since I'm letting it grow out so long, I don't think it'll be all that bad to cut. My friend A said she has cut her friend's long hair before, so I'm trusting her to do a decent job.

BUT one of the things I am definitely looking forward to after I get off this no spending kick is getting a real haircut. Short too! Mom has already said she's going to fight me cutting off the long hair, but I am ready to get this mess mailed off to charity and be done with it! ;)

Kate said...

Do you have a hair cuttin' school in Saskatoon? Takes a little longer to get done because the teacher has to check it, but they're usually looking for real clients and it's cheapo.

Foster said...

Ooh, KP, nice call on the haircutting school. There must be one around here someplace, I'm sure. And I'm growing it out, so all I really need are trims for the next little while.

Red, I love the feeling of cutting off lots of hair! It's very psychologically empowering. And probably a good way to celebrate paying off debt... hmm... maybe I'll do that in December too?

Anonymous said...

there's a couple schools downtown, so not that far away. on... oh...21st between 3rd & 2nd? i went to one of them a few years back, and it was, as Kate pointed out, significantly cheaper than a regular salon.
- Cari

Foster said...

I am definitely going to check out the hairdressing school! There are two, right across the street from each other downtown. I'll see which one is cheaper...

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