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Day 74: Win!

Just like Olympic Skater Barbie & Ken, frugality & I have won today!

Attention everyone.

Today was payday. And, for the first time so far in Shopping Detox, and for the first time in recent memory, I had money in my bank account *before* I got paid! I am no longer living literally paycheck to paycheck!

Yes, friends. I spent within my means throughout this whole last pay period and had money LEFT OVER. I was not in overdraft whatsoever *and* I have made payments on my credit card *and* on my line of credit *and* the debt I owe my mother.

Dare I say that... shopping detox is starting to work?

How did I do it?

1) Following my SD rules
2) Paying attention to what I'm spending
3) Not buying unnecessary things

So exciting! And also, I was so happy and had no urge to spend money in celebration. So... win?


KH said...

Whoo hoooo! Well done you! :)

I got paid today as well and, unfortunately, started off the week in my overdraft. Still, I managed to pay everything, transfer money to savings, kick an extra $50 towards my debt, and I have some left over. Maybe next payday I can celebrate with you! LOL

Red said...

Great job! I remember the first time I wasn't anticipating payday... It was a great feeling! Our company's hourly employees sometimes come in to pick up their checks, and one day a man came in and had to remind me that it was payday. I loved that feeling of not counting down the hours to when my direct deposit would post to my account. :-D

pennysbasket said...

You are going to be my motivation. Just today I made this painful decision of no shopping for a year. I am not really sure I can follow it (I am a shopaholic) but I do want to try soooo bad.

Foster said...

Thanks, KH and Red! It was a really great feeling to have a financial buffer, not to be living paycheck to paycheck.

And I can't wait to read about your adventures, Penny!

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