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Day 73: consignment!!

So, remember how on the weekend I did fun things and it cost $34 and was so worth it?

Well, one of the fun things I did was to go to a birthday party at a restaurant (where we all got to wear sombreros, which is not the point, but which I felt a need to mention). Anyway, while waiting for the other guests to arrive, I was looking through the ads in the menu and right there! On the cover! An ad for a CONSIGNMENT STORE, right here!!

Now, I've read on other PF (personal finance) websites, and in books and in Oprah magazine and things, that one way to make money is to sell your clothes to a consignment store. And on How I Met Your Mother *and* in the Confessions of a Shopaholic movie, the shopaholic characters earned some money back by selling their clothes (on eBay and in an auction, respectively).

I didn't think this was a possibility for me. UNTIL NOW!

Because I have this ever-growing pile of size 8/10 clothes which DO NOT FIT. The interesting new manner in which clothes do not fit is that the sleeves are suddenly too tight in some shirts. Like, where my arms really that spindly before I started exercising?

Anyway. The store sells fashionable clothes which are no more than 2 years old. And some of mine are older than that, but still in good condition. I am paranoid that the clothes I have will not be fashionable enough, so I am going to go spy on the store to scope it out in the first place.

And then! I have made plans with my thrifty pal GS to go thrifting in early April. I think the pinnacle of thriftiness will be if I can take my old too-small but still fashionable clothes to this new consignment store and then EXCHANGE them for new-to-me clothes, with no money exchanging hands.

So, this is an exciting development.

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