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Day 72: going to the club is a necessary expense

You can find me in da club, bottle full of bub, Mama I got what you need if you need to feel a buzz.

You know what? Gail Vaz-Oxlade may not approve, but I spent $34 this weekend and I had such a good time. Being frugal isn't about staying at home and never having any fun because fun costs money. Know why fun costs money sometimes? Because it's worth it, dammit.

And for $34 I...

- went to see a hilarious improv show
- got snacks at said improv show
- went out dancing
- bought drinks while out dancing

Nothing wrong with that at all. I could have put that $34 into debt repayment, but then the weekend would have ended with my curled up in a little ball, driven mad from stress and anxiety.

Instead? I am relaxed and happy-tired with many happy memories and fun times.

So the moral of the story is that, spending money is not always bad. And sometimes paying for fun is as much a necessity as groceries or rent.

Holla to all my peeps who made this weekend so fun!


Red said...

Whoa! Big changes to your site! I'm on sensory overload! :)

Sometimes, it does cost money to have fun! That's so true. Unfortunately, none of my friends (or my husband) are club goers. I used to love a nice trip to one of Knoxville's many local bars. Good times.

Oddly enough, except with this year's no frivolous spending challenge, it's pretty easy for me to excuse spending when it comes to EXPERIENCES. I have no problem spending $35 to go to the aquarium in the mountains (It is SO nice!) if it means making fun memories with Mr. Red.

My big problem is spending money on stuff. I have this deep aversion to it now. It'll be interesting to see if that changes once I'm out of debt.

So, I say good for you! $34 was a small price to pay for fun memories and a relaxing weekend!

Foster said...

I'm kind of in sensory overload with the new look too... I spend awhile messing around with the settings, so I'll see how it grows on me. If I can't buy new clothes, I can always make over the blog, right?

And I think $34 is not so bad for a weekend of fun, stress-busting times. I think I feel guiltier spending money on experiences than on stuff... so we're the reverse of each other, Red!

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