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Day 71: going to the dentist is both frugal, and yet not

So, I have a really great dentist's office. They are very intent on making sure I visit them every 6 months, and very friendly and helpful. The one time I had a proto-cavity (my first EVER!!) they were very nice and kept saying it wasn't really a cavity, just something that may one day turn into one, which is why they needed to give me a filling.

Anyway. So, my insurance covers most of the cost of the visit (70%) which makes is quite affordable. Not having had dental insturance before this job, that is a real treat. AND I also always get a free toothbrush and floss (free stuff is always frugal).

Actually, yesterday when I had my appointment, I was on my way out and thinking "Oh noes! They have forgotten to give me a toothbrush!" And I thought about how I would have to muster my courage, overcome my innate Canadian politeness, and ask for a toothbrush. Luckily, though, they handed me a brush and floss on my way out.

And I assume dentists give you free toothbrushes to help everyone be able to take good care of your teeth. And that is wonderful. I wish everywhere you went you got free stuff. Visiting the doctor -- get a free thing of healthy vegetables. Visit the bank -- get $20 free. Visit the gym -- get a free set of weights to take home.

So anyway. While I dislike many things about going to the dentist (namely: fluoride trays and how all of the tools are too big for my mouth), the free toothbrush and the friendly people make it all worthwhile.


Red said...

I hate the dentist! I haven't been since getting my wisdom teeth removed last year. I hate the tools they use, but it is free with my insurance. So I SHOULD go. Now that we've moved, my former dentist isn't as convenient. I might have to find one a little closer by. Blah.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that you maybe able to use the 30percent you paid for on your income tax next year!

Foster said...

Red, I think having your teeth checked regularly (though unpleasant) is really frugal, since it saves from the expense of more costly dental work down the line. But I was dreading going all morning :(

And Anonymous -- I didn't know I could claim the rest of the dental visit on my next year's taxes! That is lovely, thanks for the info.

thewanderingbudget said...

Sometimes you can get free samples or free condoms from the doctor's office! I haven't walked out with much from my bank recently though, except maybe a free mint :)

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