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Day 67: why shopping detox doesn't include a complete shopping ban on clothes

But it's OK! Because the clothes were cheap... right?

So.... you may have noticed that I've added another rule over there on the right --------->

Yeah, you probably didn't notice. But, in fact, I added a new rule disallowing myself to buy any new clothes for the rest of Detox Year. However, I will still permit myself to purchase/acquire clothes which are:

1) on sale
2) bought second-hand or
3) gifted to me for free (such as at a clothing swap, etc.)

This was brought upon by me going a little wild shopping on Monday. Please remember that, unlike the crazies on Till Debt Do Us Part, me going crazy with shopping meant I picked up some $8 tanktops, a $29.99 dress, that sort of thing.

And as much as I'd like to do a Total Clothes Shopping Ban, like other financial/fashion bloggers, I just really can't see that working. Like, the ladies of 365 Fashion Rehab went a full year without buying any clothes - they didn't even accept gifts of new clothes, forcing themselves to shop their closets.

And I've got lots of nice clothes in my closet, too. This would be a great challenge for me, actually. But the thing is, lots of my clothes don't fit me anymore, as many of them are size Medium/8/10. I am currently a size L/XL/14 (sometimes 12). Somewhere in the past two years I have gotten bigger, which is normal, I think. Metabolism slows with age, etc., etc.

And now it's like... do I hang onto the size 8 clothes? I don't anticipate being that size again, and if I find myself dwindling down like that, I should probably seek out psychotherapy before I get rid of my big clothes.

So anyway. I need to replace some old favourites. If I wore strictly the clothes I currently own which fit me properly, I would have a very small closet of things to choose between. I mean, even my cold-weather parka is a bit too small. My PARKA.

So anyway. I can still buy clothes, just not new clothes.


Kate said...

If it's in the budget, why not? Mama Gail always puts a little bit of $$ in the budget for sweet threads. :)

Gwen said...

And there are so many beautiful gently-used clothes out there! Let's make a thrift shopping date - I have a new favourite secret place!

Foster said...

Kate -- if Gail says it's OK, then it must be OK! Hooray!

Gwen -- I will accompany you, however, I draw the line at thrift maternity clothes for non-maternity people.

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