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Day 66: popping my Kijiji cherry

*So, for non-Canadian readers, is a free online classifieds website, like Craigslist. It's owned by eBay, and in the US it's known as

So anyway. Using Kijiji is obviously frugal in 2 ways:

- used items are cheaper than new items
- buying from within your city saves on shipping costs

And I've sold/given away some stuff on Kijiji before. When I moved last fall, I used it to get rid of my old sofa (to a group of frat boys furnishing a party cabin), as well as an old boxspring (still in good condition), and my roommate got rid of a bunch of furniture, too.

Towards the end of December, I used Kijiji to sell my old laptop (for $100) and a cordless drill kit (for $75).

Now, having dealt with Kijiji as a seller, I knew how to act as a buyer. And earlier today, I popped my Kijiji (purchasing) cherry.

My tips for buying on Kijiji:

1) Send brief email messages without spelling errors
2) Offer your phone number (Kijiji people don't seem to like emailing)
3) Do not ask them to deliver. It's up to you to pick up the items yourself.
4) You can offer slightly less than the asking price, but not lots less.

And here is an example of the ultimate best Kijiji response:

Hello, is this item still available? Is $25 all right? I can pick it up this afternoon. My phone number is xxx-xxxx

Here is an example of a terrible Kijiji response:

Hey, is this item still available? I was just laid off and have to stay home taking care of my mother, so I can't spent more than $5 because I'm living on welfare right now and have three kids. And can you deliver it to (insert place about 2 hours outside of town). My phone number is xxx-xxxx. But I'll be out this afternoon until 6, back around 8, then I work overnight and won't be back until the morning.

So anyway. I emailed a woman about a food processor (since mine is tiny and terrible) and today I picked it up for $15! Frugal win!


fabulouslyfrugirl said...

Wow! That's a great deal.

I need to get on this Kijiji. I have an old camera charger I can sell, I think.

Foster said...

I know, right? I'm superexcited to use the food processor -- in stores it's like $79.99.

I bet you can totally sell your camera charger. Just keep an eye out for people with sob stories who try and get things for free!

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