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Day 65: 300 left to go!

See, my dream is realistic now. I may be on a beach reading an eBook,
but I am also wearing a sweater, indicating it is not really hot out.
Just slightly above -40.

I really want an eBook reader. Earlier today, I decided that there was no question, I needed to get one, and the only question was: which is the cheapest (and therefore must frugal) one to get?

And after investigating (the cheapest is the Kobo, and the cheapest you can buy is to get a refurbished one from Future Shop) I started thinking... wait, why do I want one so much?

OK, I started questioning my desire for a Kobo when my Frugal Companion emailed me back to say, "Why do you want one this month? Will you be using it a lot RIGHT NOW?" And I thought, well, not especially.

I won't get into the are they evil vs. not discussion, but suffice it to say, there are a number of reasons both personal and professional that I think it would be a good thing to have. But at the end of the day, no, I really don't have an excuse to spend $79 + tax RIGHT NOW to buy one RIGHT NOW. (Especially when my birthday is coming up in April).

Anyway, what I decided to do is to win a Kobo in a contest! This shouldn't be too hard, since there are lots of contests offering them. I also emailed Kobo directly, asking if they would send me one for reviewing purposes for this blog. (Hi, Kobo people, if you are reading this now!) I thought they might take me up on this, since I've seen some other blogs reviewing Kobos that they were sent for free, and especially with everybody hyped up about the new iPad, Kobo needs all the positive press they can get.

So anyway. Much like breathing ones' way through a panic attack, I waited out this sudden and EXTREMELY STRONG urge to buy a Kobo, and did not actually buy one. I will just wait to win one. I have entered about 7 contests so far, and will keep my eyes peeled for more.


Red said...

Good luck! I can't get into the e-reader thing. I just like the feel of a book too much. But I don't begrudge those who do like them. Technologically speaking, they are pretty cool. And environmentally more friendly than cutting down trees to produce books! Of course, I borrow from the library, but the point remains...

Lindy said...

Have you found, it compiles all the giveaways and you can search by the item you want to win.

I spent an evening entering contests for iPads once, in many cases I had to use my noggin to come up with answers to questions that the blogger required for your submission to count. Like on one, I had to say what movie character reminded me of my dad. It was hard work.

Good luck!

Foster said...

Lindy, thanks so much for the tip! I think winning contests is even more rewarding than purchasing an item sometimes.

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