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Day 64: cleaning out the fridge is actually frugal, too!

So, I am still sorting out this whole meal-planning business. And more and more, I'm noticing that being frugal (and saving money, and paying down my debt) is just about PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT I'M DOING.

So, just like being more mindful about what I'm spending my money on, meal planning has necessitated me to be more mindful about what groceries I actually own. And my fridge was this very, very full and scary place filled with lots of leftover containers... contents mainly unknown.

What I needed to do was weed my fridge. This is a library term -- weeding is when you go through the books in one area and get rid of the old ones, the ones that nobody's borrowing, the ones that are out of date or the ones that just look gross.

What did I find in my fridge? Lots of partly eaten containers of (past the best-before date) cream cheese (various flavours) and sour cream (why?) and going-moldy bits of leftover this and that. It turns out everything in the very back of my fridge gets frozen, so lots of ice crystals too. Two heads of spoiled lettuce, a shrivelled up green pepper, etc. etc.

I was clearly keeping too much stuff in my fridge, to the point that I had lost track of what was there (see: the collection of cream cheeses). So, I removed anything that was gross and now my fridge contents are apparent and obvious.

And this will help with grocery shopping, because now I have a better idea of WHAT I ACTUALLY OWN.

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Crankygirl said...

Good going! I heard somewhere that the groceries in your house are the most expensive ones there are, because the money's already gone. On the flip side, they are also the cheapest, cause you already own them!

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