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Day 63: frugal dish soap alternatives OR how much is a gallon, exactly?

So, I am very excited to be almost entirely out of dish soap, as this presents an interesting frugal opportunity, as I think that the frugal thing to do is to MAKE MY OWN DISH SOAP.

I did some internet research, and found a few options. Green as a thistle suggests doing without dish soap at all, just using water. Her readers commented that it's important to use soap when washing anything to do with meat or melty cheese. So, one option could be to wash dishes in water BUT have a spray bottle nearby with a diluted dish soap solution inside, and spray down dishes which require soap.

There is also the option that I could make my own dish soap. These recipes are kind of intimidating, particularly as I keep coming across things that call for you to use a gallon of water -- I'm not sure how much that is, but it seems like quite a lot more than I need. I think I'd like to make just enough to refill my existing dish soap bottle.

This website has a few promising options, like the first one, which calls for liquid castille soap (apparently, this is sold in drugstores and is made from olive oil). You can also use a recipe containing soap flakes, but really, is it somehow more frugal to buy a container of soap flakes, or to just buy a bottle of dish soap?

Anyway, whatever I wind up doing will be both environmentally friendly (less chemicals down the drain) and will also be good for my hands which are SO DRY RIGHT NOW. Not that I wash dishes that frequently, but I think soaking my hands in olive-oil soap may help.


Red said...

I don't have a gallon measuring instrument, so when I made homemade detergent, I had to measure out gallons in cups! Not fun! (I lost count a few times!)

BUT it is fun to make giant batches of things like detergent (or soap) because it means less time spent overall. I made three detergent bottles' worth of detergent when I made it the first time. I think I'll double the recipe next time. I just store it in a giant (cleaned out) plastic litter container in our linen closet.

Good luck! We have a long way to go before we're out of dish soap, but I am going to try making my own foaming dish soap in a couple weeks. Fun! :-D

Foster said...

I'm hesitant to make a gallon of anything, in case it doesn't turn out and I'm stuck with this vat of dish soap. Or worse, if I wind up pouring it all down the drain!

So, as a trial run, I'm doing the castille soap variant (halfing the recipe to make about 1 cup of soap) and then put it in a spray bottle (washing with water mainly).

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