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Day 61: Meal planning TBA

So, I am so totally going to do meal planning. Seriously. I have got a pile of cookbooks and I will definitely, definitely go through and find some recipes. Meal planning is frugal, cooking your own meals is healthier, etc., etc.

It's just... so time consuming.

I stayed up late last night working (on a recap for You Know You Love Fashion, and then slept in today and had to rush off to work-work without preparing any sort of meals. Luckily, I had some carrots and hummus and pita bread leftover from the Oscars party and so I could have that for lunch. I was still hungry, though.

Anyway, here's a meal plan for the next little bit:

Supper tomorrow: salmon, brown rice and peas (or broccoli, if my broccoli has not gone bad yet)
Lunch Friday: leftovers from salmon/rice/peas
Supper Friday: chicken, rice, steamed cauliflower

These are all things I have around and which can be either baked or boiled. I will go through recipes in the next few days, though, to figure out proper recipes involving recipes, etc.


Kate said...

Go you!
I wish there was an app where I could type in what I have in my fridge, and then get a bunch of recipes based on that...would make getting rid of that last little thing of celery oh so much easier...
highly recommend stocking up on nutritious non-perishable staples like beans, rice, pasta, frozen veg in bulk, canned tomatos, rice noodles and blablabla. But I'm a pervert and rather enjoy "Pantry Challenge" night of scraping together random things for a good dinner. I pretend i'm on Chopped and try to make it work.

Foster said...

Thanks for the sage wisdon, KP! Especially the bit about frozen veg -- I am in a terrible rut of buying veg, forgetting about them, then chucking them without eating. Buying frozen will at least retain nutrients while extending the shelf-life.

Crankygirl said...

That IS meal planning, silly girl, even if just for 2 days. You don't need to scour recipe books: just think about what you want to eat for a few days, buy the stuff you need, and try to double up ingredients like the produce so you use it rather than lose it. Thus, if you want broccoli on Monday, have broccoli with your lunch on tuesday, too. It's not as in-depth as you think it is... though it can be. Recipe books are good for finding ways to use things up, but watch that you don't need to buy a lot of fancy ingredients you'll never use. But start with the stuff you already like to eat!

Anonymous said...

Kate - there are a lot of recipe sites that will let you put in a couple of ingredients & it comes up with suggestions. And if you have a brand named ingredient, their websites usually have recipe suggestions.

As far as meal planning - it sounds like you eat fairly simply. So your shopping list would be meat for x meals (account for planned leftovers), veggies for x meals (salads or cooked), whatever basic ingredients to dress them up, bread, cheese/dairy. For example, I take an apple every day with my lunch, so I buy 5-7 apples a week. That's about it!


Foster said...

Thanks for the tips, Valleycat1! I think I will cut + paste this to use for my meal planning.

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