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Day 60: February financial pie

So, rather than dwell on how much I spent in February, I present to you this pie chart representing the percentages of what I spent my money on:

My February financial pie

So, this shows where my money went in February. As you can see, most of it went to rent and bills (phone bill was higher than normal due to roaming charges during my business trip). Debt repayment was in second place, hooray! Priorities are shifting! Groceries/food comes next and I am working on that, seriously. But that's an OK thing to spend money on.

The next two categories are a bit iffier. "Misc" includes the sad way I had to spent $109.99 on a new power cord after my old one went missing somewhere in Moose Jaw. And "Clothes" includes... well...

- little black dress from Toronto
- my beloved new bellbottom jeans which I have worn something like 5 out of the past 9 days that I've owned them, so they are WORTH $39.99
- my other pair of pants I bought that same day
- two button-up shirts I bought for work (at buy one- get one for $10)
- three tanktops for layering

I'm surprised that the clothes came to so much when each individual piece of clothing cost so little. I mean, I'm not going and buying $70 tutus, I mean, what sort of person would consider doing that?

Anyway. I am not yet ready to ban myself from buying any clothes whatsoever. I know that day will arrive, but not until I get myself a nice new shirtdress, possibly this one from Roots.

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