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Day 59: February challenge report

So, remember my February Challenge?

"Spend 1/4 less on groceries/eating out as I did in January.

In January, I spent: $320.88 on groceries/food. This works out to $80.22 per week (on average)

And so my grocery/food budget for February is: $240.66, or, $60.16 per week."

I just did the math, and this month I spent $344.95 on groceries. Which is, yes, more than last month. And it turns out that the month that you go on two business trips is not the best time to try and decrease your grocery spending. However, pending getting money back from my Toronto trip, this grocery bill should decrease by... about $60. Which is still $284.95. Which is $40 over budget.

So... partial win?

March challenge: Spend less on groceries/food, for real this time! $60.16 per week for a total of no more than $240.66 in the month.


Gwen said...

I knew a couple of guys in grad school who stuck to a tight budget and still ate well by making rice and stir fried veggies every night, and supplementing with fruit. There were always leftovers to take to school.

If you're up for this sort of living, I have a really tasty Greek rice pilaf to make with leftover rice, feta, and fresh spinach.

Foster said...

Yes, please! I was thinking that rice will be a good way to make lots of cheap meals. And I also need to start eating vegetables, which makes spinach a good ingredient too.

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