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Day 57: Garage sale report card

So, I went to the garage sale and farmer's market today. Of the items on my shopping list, I was only able to get picture frames and a soap dish. That being said, the picture frames came to $1 (for 4) and the soap dish was a pricy $5 (it was from the "vintage" table).

Getting to the garage sale at noon was both good and bad. Good, in that everything (except for vintage items) was half price, but bad in that a lot of the better stuff was already taken.

I guess I could have lugged it around and then sold it on eBay?

I had a brief moment of lust when I saw that they were selling the Barbie Star Traveler Motor Home (which is this gigantic yellow bus type vehicle), but I am not insane. And I will tell you another day of the story of how I used to have a Barbie Camper Van in my youth (it's a good story of delayed satisfaction).

Anyway, also today I was walking and it would be a pain to carry home this Star Traveler.

The garage sale also had a few glass containers, but they were more cookie-jar sized, when I need more soupcan-sized. Anyway, it was a nice time and I spent $6 on items that I needed AND wanted, so success! AND after reader JM read in my last post that I need a bread knife and jam jars, she kindly offered to give me some of her that she no longer needs. Frugal WIN!

Less successful was the farmer's market trip. I guess when you think about it, Saskatchewan farmers are probably not harvesting jalapeno peppers in February. The only produce tables actually present today were selling carrots, parsnips and potatoes (none of which I need at the moment), so I left empty-handed. But, I was reminded how the farmer's market is really not that far from my apartment, so I really should go more often.

Carrots and parsnips: nice, but not when you need jalapeno peppers.

In other news, did you know that tahini costs like $7 for a jar? And that I needed to buy it for my hummus recipe? Now I've got to find a bunch more recipes that use tahini, so I don't feel like I've been ripped off...


Lindy said...

Yes, tahini. I think that's the one reason I stopped making homemade hummus. I once tried to put some of it on a sandwich when we ran out of peanut butter - did NOT go over well with the preschooler I was feeding.

minako said...

Tahini isn't actually that hard to make -- and cheaper than buying, even if you have to throw out what you don't use. Just remember to keep an eye on the seeds while toasting!

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