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Day 56: garage sale shopping list

Garage sale! *Not what it looks like in Saskatchewan in February when it is -49 with the wind chill
Tomorrow I am doing two unprecedented things:

1) going to a garage sale and
2) going to the farmer's market.

OK, neither is actually unprecedented. But I haven't been to a garage sale in like, two years. And I haven't been to the farmer's market in... a long time, too.

Now, both of these are places in which frugalism can occur. BUT I think it's important not to just get swept away and start buying things willy-nilly just because they are cheap and environmentally friendly. ALSO, I need to get supplies for whatever my contribution will be to my Oscar Party (to which my friends have been told they can bring food IF THEY WANT, it is not mandatory).

Me, venturing out in the -49 with the wind chill to go to the farmer's market tomorrow. Oh, the price of frugality!

So, here is my garage sale shopping list:

1) butter container (ideally shaped like a cow)
2) serrated-edge bread knife (or other knives, if they appear good quality)
3) picture frames (small sizes)
4) soap dish
5) storage containers (i.e. glass jam jars, etc.)

And just because it's a garage sale, I will allow myself ONE WILD CARD purchase, as long as it is less than $5. Now, you might think, "who has a garage sale in Saskatchewan in the middle of February, when it is -49 with the wind chill?" But the answer is: a group of ladies have joined a housing cooperative, so they are decluttering all of their homes and selling things in a church basement. So it is not only a garage sale, it is a SUPER GARAGE SALE.

Now, the farmer's market is where I will get some produce. I will try my best not to make the same mistake I always do, which is: buy produce and then never eat it, but feel good about having bought it, as though buying a thing of lettuce is somehow as nutritionally beneficial as actually eating lettuce.

Anyway, here is what I am going to make for the Oscar Party (recipes from, or my own head) (Jessica Seinfeld's recipes are too complicated for me):

Jalapeno cornbread

I will obviously then make an Oscar statuette out of hummus and cornbread. 
Which leaves  me a farmer's market shopping list of: garlic, jalapeno peppers
And a regular grocery store shopping list of buttermilk, olive oil, paprika, lemon juice.

I will also add one WILD CARD purchase to the farmer's market, so long as it is produce. Maybe a tomato? Or lettuce?


Lindy said...

Oooh, a super garage sale in a church basement, you just described my heaven! I miss garage sales, I don't ever go because it requires me to get up early on a Saturday morning. So instead I opt for curb diving whenever bulk trash pick up comes to my neighborhood. Consequently, I never find anything good.

Good luck on finding the items on your list, especially the cow-shaped butter dish. Miracles do happen in church, after all.

Red said...

I hope your party is awesome! It will be if you can pull off that Oscar statuette. ;)

Garage sales and thrift stores - both things I frequented with my grandmother as a youngster. Like Lindy, I can't wake up that early on a Saturday morning. Good luck though! (And great wild card rule!)

cjv said...

pea sprouts! too early for lettuces and tomato, I think. good luck on quests!

Gwen said...

I highly recommend the Opportunity Shop, if you have a shopping list that includes regular things like a bread knife. They always have what I need.

Foster said...

Lindy/Red -- the garage sale was fun, but probably would have been more so if I'd gotten there before noon.

CJV -- yes, had I been thinking, I would have remembered that only carrots and potatoes are available at farmer's markets in February

Gwen - where is this Opportunity Shop??

Gwen said...

The Opp. Shop is near the corner of Queen and 1st Ave, next to Dots. It's a fundraising vehicle for the YWCA's social programs, so it also feels good to spend there. :)

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