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Day 55: frugal Oscar party brainstorming

OK, so remember how I got super-duper cable installed, in order to make my internet cheaper? Oh, I love commerce. Also? I love cable. I love the channel where you can watch music videos 24 hours a day (who knew that all music videos are as boring as when I watched them all the time in the mid-90s?)

Oh, and also I love the channel that plays music videos from the mid-90s! Just as boring as today's, but with bonus nostalgia for bands like this one:

Oh, The Moffatts. Canada's bargain version of Hanson. Who I also love.

Anyway, these days (just like back in the day), one in every 50 videos is pretty good. Pink does interesting stuff, as does Beyonce sometimes and Lady Gaga almost always. But 49/50 videos is a guy yelling rap at me while hos dance in the background. The only discernable difference between 1995 and now is... the rappers have more tattoos? The hos have more piercings?

ANYWAY. I love TV. It will be hard to give it up when the cheap TV thing ends in two months. But while I have TV, I am making the most of it by...

Hosting a frugal Oscars party.

Sharon Stone's frugal Oscar moment: showing up in a black Gap turtleneck.

Now, I am still in the brainstorming stages of this. As always, I an balancing on the fine line between being frugal/thrifty and being a total asshole.

Frugal/thrifty = using ingredients I already have to make tasty snacks for guests

Total asshole = not offering any food, hoarding the food guests bring and using these things for lunch next week.

Food ideas? Frugal party ideas?


DB said...
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Dan Brown said...

The Moffatts, haha, I haven't heard about those guys in years.

Seriously though, there's nothing wrong with having a potluck. Hit up party packagers and spend $10 on decorations though. Maybe even set up a pool for during the party as well? Make up the list of nominations in Excel and hand out a prize (or get people to pitch in $5 each) to the person who gets the most right.

Your friends won't care about how much money you spent on an Oscar party! Don't worry about it!

Foster said...

Thanks for the advice!

For sure I'm going to run a pool during the broadcast. And I think the most frugal prize to offer is Bragging Rights...

Foster said...

PS -- I had totally forgotten about The Moffatts too, until they came on MuchMoreRetro! I never even liked them in the 90s, but now apparently I have warm nostalgic feelings about them.

haitch pee said...

oh, frugal parties! my favourite! maybe you can make BF be your frugal co-host? like, your james franco? then you could pool snack ingredients! i say no to ingredients, and yes to a $10 bottle of wine you can then mix with juice and any fruit you might have in the house to produce sangria. it could be like, a hint of summer in these dark days.

haitch pee said...

sorry, that was supposed to be no to decorations, not ingredients. yeesh.

Foster said...

Ooh, yes to the idea of co-hosting a la James Franco and Anne Hathaway. If I'm feeling inspired, maybe I will do costume changes at each commercial break!

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