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Day 52: OK, yeah, so I knew I'd have to do this.

Yes friends, the time has come.

Even Vanessa from Green as a Thistle waited until Day 238 of her 366-day enviro-challenge to make this switch. Although, I guess she had to wait because it took awhile for her period to regularize after going off birth control pills. Anyway, click on her link to learn more about the Diva Cup (or if your eyes glaze over at this discussion, watch Beyonce's video for "Diva" below):

Anyway, so I will keep this brief because, in my estimation, menstruation is the most embarrassing, horrifying subject of conversation in the world. But for some (brief, brief) background, I have never had a regular period, it generally arrives (when it does) absolutely randomly (i.e. not at the same time each month, some months not at all), which may be why I usually spend most months hoping like it won't come (not in a "I want to be pregnant" way, more in a "maybe the rules of female biology have changed in the last month" way).

It also comes with a little canvas bag and a lapel pin! ... yeah, the name is still cringe-worthy
So anyway. The Diva Cup exists. I think the name is cringe-worthy and awful (like, just because you menstruate does not make you a diva). It is made of silicone. It lasts for 5-10 years. I won't have to buy tampons anymore. This is esp. frugal since I already own one (bought it years ago but never used it).

Anyway. I will use this instead of tampons. And I will also henceforth use handkerchiefs rather than tissues. The end.


Red said...

This is great! I'll be writing my second review of Diva Cup and giving one away on April 1. (Yippee! I am so excited that Diva Cup agreed to do a giveaway on the blog. I've never solicited for a giveaway before, so it surprised me that it was so easy.)

I prefer them to tampons, and I hope you end up enjoying yours (as much as something like that can be enjoyed).

Foster said...

Nice, scoring a free giveaway! I'll be sure to link to your contest.

I've seriously had one of these for about 3 years, hiding in a drawer somewhere. Something about the size, maybe, was daunting to me? But it's so easy to use! (and cost-effective!)

Elisa said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE mine. It took me ages to dare to order it and use it but I've now switched permanently. Never buying tampons again! Funny, everyone seems to have the same first reaction to the cup (ew-curiosity-ew) but I can honestly say I don't find mine ew at all... now tampons, those are ew. It's something about the psychology of it all, because things you have to throw away are ew and things you keep and reuse aren't.

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