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Day 51: Link luuurve

I'm currently in the process of a somewhat drastic but ultimately helpful new frugal endeavour, which I will tell you about in short order. OK, I'm trying using the Diva Cup. But more deets on that later.

For now, here are some interesting posts from other fashion and/or finance blogs that I've found interesting in the past little while:

Beauty, changing the game, iconicity and the Lady Gaga (Manolo's Shoe Blog)
Manolo says, the Manolo has been in the ferociously interesting conversation with his internet friend Eliza Wharton about the matters of beauty, style, and what makes someone the modern icon.

5 obstacles to financial fitness (Frugal for life)
You want to be financially fit. You know all about buying generic and what needs to be done to start a budget. You know what is involved in starting your retirement fund and how much to sock away. You can even picture a future with fewer stresses and possibly an early retirement.  So why aren't you on the road to that frugal success you read about?

Fighting clutter? Go shelf by shelf (The Happiness Project)
“Order is Heaven’s first law,” wrote Alexander Pope, and one thing that has surprised me about happiness is the significance of clutter to happiness. In the context of a happy life, a roomy coat closet or a neat kitchen counter seems trivial -- but somehow, it can have a disproportionate effect.

Boycotting the dresser (Girl with the red balloon)
When Mr. Red and I first saw the house we're in now, it was love at first sight. We loved the porch. The location was right. The number of rooms was right, and it had a washer/dryer hookup. The only thing that was off was the size of the rooms. By the landlord's inexact measurements, there wasn't enough space for my beloved bedroom furniture.

Paycheck rich (Serendipity's guide to saving)
You know the type. Maybe you know a person like this. Maybe you are a person like this or you were in a past, former life. As for me friends, I've become this person this month and me no likey. Who are we talking about? Miss Paycheck Rich.

Get a carved body with this 15-minute no-equipment workout craze from 1904 (The Consumerist)
Who needs a Craigslist gym or any kind of gym at all? They certainly didn't have the list of Craig back in 1904 when Danish fitness master J.P. Müller invented his 15-minute workout called "My System." 

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Red said...

Thanks for the link love! :-D Excuse me, link luuurve.

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