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Day 49: ... I bought some pants today

Frugal friends, helping frugal friends. OK, helping me.

Before I get to my weird and somewhat surreal mall visit (*cough* and the pants I bought *cough* two pairs of pants *cough*) I want to thank Red, KP and JR for their advice on my pharmacy crisis. You are all lieutenants in my Frugal Armada.

What did I decide? Well, I looked deep into my heart and realized that I really, really love my little independent pharmacist. And when KP suggested that I try and see if my little pharmacist can do something to keep my business, I set to investigation.

I called the pharmacy who, it turns out, deliver! For free! And so I got them to deliver my prescription to me! And that is so much cooler than a regular pharmacy. I mean, these guys are so serious about being good to their customers that they brought me my stuff right to me! For free! (I mean, I had to pay for the actual stuff, but I will get 70% back from my health insurance)

Friendly pharmacist deliveryperson!

So, it was a decision about how to be frugal, but hold true to my principles (my principle today being: I <3 my pharmacist, despite his unconvenient hours). And really, this whole shopping detox thing is about compromise. I could be straight-edged frugal like, buying only crappy cheap food from Wal-Mart all the time; move out of my apartment I love; cast my cat out into the street so I don't have to buy cat food. But no, I am finding a way to make this work.

And luckily, my beloved pharmacist helped me out! (Although, weirdly, they didn't put a chocolate in my bag with my medication! THE CHOCOLATE IS THE WHOLE POINT)

So, I am won over again by my pharmacist.

Vintage flare jeans! They look SO GOOD ON ME I couldn't say no. Seriously.
Come see me and I will put on the pants and you will see what I mean.

In other news, I kind of bought two pairs of pants today at the mall. But please note that: a) the pants were both on sale ($39.99 each) and b) they are unlike any pants I already own. I mean, yes, I have perhaps too many pairs of jeans already. But these are BELLBOTTOM JEANS. Which are the new thing. And they look really nice on me. So. And, to be fair, they were on my mental shopping list. I thought to myself, "If I find a pair of nice bellbottom jeans for sale at AE, I will buy them." And then I did! (...and then I also bought a pair of "Ex-boyfriend surplus pants," but I used to have pants like this that no longer fit, so really it's just replacing something I used to have).

Oh, mall. Why don't I enjoy you like I used to?

But the mall was weirdly gross and unappealing to me. Is this like when you stop eating sugar and then sugary foods you used to love suddenly taste gross? I used to love the mall. Odd.


Red said...

Happy to be of service! And ha! I was going to ask if you still got the free chocolate. That is actually *really* awesome that they deliver. I might have to see if any mom and pop shops in our area do something similar. It doesn't matter how late you're open if the alternative is STAYING AT HOME, lol.

By the way, I admire that you stuck to your values. I've let my need for a healthy balanced diet slip since Christmas, basically buying really cheap crap because it's cheap. Ridiculous. I need to remedy this quickly.

And, um, I LOVE vintage flare jeans. I've been eying some at The Gap. They remind me of being young and carefree. I hope they really are coming back in style, so I can still find them in 2012! And I might have to buy some Converse sneakers to go with them. :-D

Foster said...

Thanks! I was almost ready to switch to the big company, when I decided to see what the small business was able to do... They really value their customer loyalty, for sure! I'm bummed about the no chocolate, though...

Once it stops being snowy and slushy here, I will most def wear my new flares with my knock-off Cons! But I'm in for a few more months of snowboots...

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