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Day 45: most frugal Valentine's Day ever

Oh, hi. I'm just totally a domestic frugal goddess now.
Hey there, so, I totally made Jessica Seinfeld's banana-chocolate chip tarts tonight (/last night... the dough had to sit in the fridge overnight). And I was going to be all Bakerella and post a picture of how pretty they looked... but I can't figure out how to sync the internal memory of my camera to the computer... and I am too frugal to buy a new memory card, so, let's all just imagine.

They turned out super. It may be just as well there are no photos, as they are not particularly attractive-looking pieces of baking, but they do taste good. And thus do I seem to have inherited my mother's tasty-if-not-photogenic cooking skills.

So anyway, I read a gajillion minimalist/personal finance/budgeting blogs with their ideas about what to do to celebrate a thrifty Valentine's Day. And the book I just finished reading - Shift Your Habit (review to come) -- says basically what all the blogs say, which is "Cook a meal together!"

Cook a meal together!

So, that's what I did with my Frugal Advisor/BF. It helps with frugality when you are also dating a Frugal Advisor, btw. I made chocolate/banana tarts, he made curry chicken, we watched a DVD he already owns, it was very nice (and FRUGAL!).

And I successfully suppressed my innate desire to buy seasonal chocolate products. Last year, I remember being on the way to his apartment on V-Day when I suddenly was overcome with the thought that I had to bring him a heart-shaped box of chocolate. So I bought one at the drugstore, presented it to him... and he didn't end up eating any of them, and a few weeks (months?) later, I wound up eating all of the chocolates. So it's not like this is a grand sacrifice on my part -- Frugal Advisor BF is minimalist without even trying.

Anyway, my frugal Valentine's gifts to him were:

- a withdrawn library book
- a photograph of us that I had gotten a print of awhile ago, intending to put in my house but never got around to doing it
- a mix CD (free music burned onto a blank CD I already owned)
- a card that I had bought while I was on my trip to Toronto two weeks ago

So really the only expense here is the card ($2.99) and the photo (like $0.30 or something ridic)

Oh, and my other gift was, obviously, the banana/chocolate chip tarts. Because that cannot be noted enough. I made dough, you guys! And then cut circles out of it using the end of a cup! And then I put stuff inside and baked them! I wore an apron! It was hardcore cookery.

I will leave you with the piece de resistance of the frugal gift I gave: it was wrapped in a plastic grocery bag. Which I then brought back to my house to re-use as a garbage bag. Does it get more frugal? (OK, probably).

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