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Day 43: the headphone saga

So, I have just been given a frugal challenge, in that, something I would ordinarily buy I now cannot buy because I already own 3 of them.

It is... headphones for my iPod.

This kind of headphone literally jumps out of my head. My ears will not accept this inner-ear intruder.
 First, you need to know the sad story of how my inner ears are apparently so misshapen that the kind of earbuds you get with your iPod (the kind that go inside your head) are rejected from my head. They literally shoot out of my ears after being in there for a few seconds. Don't know why, but the same thing happens to my sister, so I guess we have genetically small inner ear canals.

So this is the type of earbud that I like:
This kind rests happily in my ears. Mine were like this but pink. RIP
You can easily take them in and out of your ears if you are walking around then need to talk to somebody, they are comfy to sleep with in your ears if you like, they are basically the best. And OK, so I have been buying a replacement set every ~ 6 months because they are cheap and die, but I never thought about that part until they died yesterday.

I can't buy a replacement because, under the detox rules, I can't buy something I already own. And I own three pairs of headphones as follows:

Looks cool. Does not fit very well under a toque when it is -40 outside.

1) Very big over the ear, hipster style headphones (look cool, but impractical to wear with a toque in winter)

Good for exercising. Inconvenient to wear with glasses.
 2) 2 pairs of "sports" headphones, the kind that wrap around your ear and stay put when exercising (see above for how other headphones shoot out of my ears)

(Note: one pair of "sporty" headphones are ones I bought at the airport gift shop in a panic last year when I realized I was about to board a plane and didn't have my iPod headphones. They cost $40, seriously. Somehow I forgot that the airline would be selling $5 headphones at takeoff? Dammit)

The wrap-around-your-ears ones are OK, I guess, but are a hassle to get on and off. They are also uncomfortable to wear with glasses, because then you have two things wrapped around behind your ears, which can be uncomfortable. They also set my glasses ajar when I take them on or off.

But I own 3 pairs of headphones. I cannot buy a new pair. And so I set off for the rest of 2011 with this frugal sacrifice in play.


Mary Ellen said...

I swear by the around-your-ear kind these days. I have some nice ones from Philips that don't actually seem to interfere with my glasses too much ... But maybe I'm just so happy to have earphones that stay in I just live with it. :)

Foster said...

I guess in a average day I put them in and out so frequently that the wrap-around-the-ear thing just seems time-consuming. But maybe I'll get used to it? I suppose I will have to...

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