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Day 42: SPENT

So, as part of being minimalist/frugal/thrifty, I have added a gajillion blogs to my Google Reader so I can keep up to date on them. And three - three! of them - just posted about this online (27 and Frugal, Serendipity's Guide to Spending, and the Well-Heeled Blog) so I figured it's my turn.

SPENT is an online game where you have to try and live off of $1,000 while working a low-paying job. As Serendipity says the situations "are not that far fetched since the game explains you've been unemployed, living off credit cards and you have now lost your home and are down to your last $1,000 in the bank."

So anyway, on my first attempt, I ran out of money on Day 6. The second time I was brutally frugal and made it to Day 30 with $130 remaining. But for almost every situation I had to ask my friends for money, screw over my child, and not take care of my pet. The worst part was when I got fired from my temp job for talking about starting up a union! Being poor sucks.

So, though I am in stupid debt, it's good to remember others are worse off than I am. And in bragging news, in the game I had to choose one of three jobs, and pass a typing test to get the one I wanted as a temp. I totally passed. Yes, I type at 110 wpm. What, you want a piece of me?

SPENT was put on by Urban Ministries of Dunham.

In other news, I am currently working on some ideas for a frugal Valentine's. This will involve spending either $0 or actually MAKING money getting things together for people. Tomorrow I will go through some ideas I've found so far online.

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