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Day 41: a frugal emergency

So, I got back yesterday from my variety of trips/conferences. And while I had brought back all of the ESSENTIAL items (laptop, medication, wallet, ID, ipod, phone) I forgot the one thing that I didn't realize how much I needed until it was gone... that's right, folks, my laptop power cord.

There is currently 30 minutes of power left on it. I emailed the hotel, but they haven't found it. Even before they let me know they hadn't found it, I had decided to spend money to buy a new because, although the frugal thing is probably to eschew laptops and electricity entirely, I need my laptop to do work-related activities (You Know You Love Fashion recaps, this blog, writing my novel, etc.).

It costs $80.99. Seriously. For a power cord? Awful. But necessary.

And this is the sort of unforeseen expense that I think is supposed to be in my budget anyway.

IN OTHER  NEWS, I will soon be getting back like $400 in expense money to pay me back for the conferences. So, if you subtract the amount of the power cord from the expense money I get back, I am still getting back $320, which is OK.

But still. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK ELECTRICAL OUTLETS BEFORE CHECKING OUT OF HOTELS. That is a good life lesson, I guess. But it still sucks.

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