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Day 40: I am the evil angel on your shoulder

This is my friend Mike, in his fantastic Halloween costume. The little pictures are actually pictures of him in costume.
So... first things first: I am home! HOME! My own sofa, my own bed, my own cat, everything HOME!

And secondly: so, at the conference-ending banquet thing last night, I was being my frugal self (i.e. not bringing any money to the cash bar, eating as much free food as possible). But I discovered in myself a vicious strain of vicarious shopaholicism, in that one of my co-workers was like, "Oh, I shouldn't buy another drink." And I was like, "But we get per diem money! That's like free money! Go buy a drink!" and then she did. And then she was like, "OK, that's it for me, I should save this money for lunch tomorrow." And I was like, "Buy a drink! Per diem! Free money! Buy a drink!" And she did.

So, a possibly future recommendation for me might be: become a Frugal Advisor for my friends, rather than an Evil Vicarious Shopaholic Advisor. But for the time being, I need to get set my vicarious shopaholicism free somehow. Perhaps?

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