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Day 38: a chocolate bar crisis

In Japan, vending machine buys you!
Remember when I made the no-chocolate-bar rule? Because of how I kept buying chocolate bars even
though I have perfectly acceptable food at home, because I got hungry waiting for the bus?

So today, I am in day 2 of workshop/conference thing and, like most workshop/conferences, they have only coffee and water available on breaks. Wait, scratch that. There is also juice and soft drinks. But no food-type food for hungry me.

(Note: the best-ever workshops I went to gave you coffee in the morning, then fresh fruit for a morning break, then lunch provided, and then cookies at 2pm. It was PERFECT)

Anyway, there is, temptingly, a vending machine just outside the conference room. And, being a smallish town, the chocolate bars are only $1! (For the non-addicted and frugal out there, they can be as much as $2.25 from vending machines in cities) And I was SO HUNGRY. And yesterday I bought chips from the vending machine, and during today's break I grabbed some change from my room and went to buy... something. Maybe chips, maybe licorice maybe CHOCOLATE BAR.

But then, like a guardian angel from afar, I had only brought down $0.75 with me. Not enough for anything, even in a smallish town hotel. And so I drank some tea (with milk in it, that's like food!) and finished off the afternoon's workshop.

One of the things that I need to do (within reason) is just be hungry sometimes, rather than spending money on snack food. It's all right to be hungry sometimes, and just wait for meals. I just have to practice this more.

So, thanks Frugal Angel From Afar who made me only bring $0.75 by mistake to the $1.00 vending machine.

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