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Day 37: free trips are not really free. Not right away, anyway

So, after a brief pitstop to visit my wonderful cat and wonderful apartment and wonderful boyfriend, I am now on my second back-to-back work-related trip. And as great as it seemed beforehand to have two! Free! Trips!, in actuality, that's not how free work-related trips work.

(Not to mention that these trips are not free, but in fact being paid for by work-related people)

You have to take the trip and pay for stuff, and then get paid back after. And so I am currently in the "ahh! Why did I ever agree to do two work-related trips in a row after being in shopping detox for only a month and a bit!" stage.

Like, a month from now, I will be paid back for my meals, etc. and I will have suddenly money again. But for the time being, I have not so much money. Which again makes me feel like - what is the point of being frugal if I still don't have any money?

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