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Day 35: LBD FTW! (translation: little black dress for the win!)

So, here's the scoop. Remember I had the shopping list of two things for this trip? To recap:

- little black dress (LBD) which can be dressed up or down, and sometimes with a shirt inside like a jumper (similar to what Audrey H is wearing up above there)
- sparkly powder thing in the cute container

And so then I got here and bought yarn (but not the $38 yarn because that's ridic) and postcards (proceeds going toward supporting the library). And I thought about possibly purchasing a leopard-print skirt I saw at H&M.

Anyway, so today I went for a frugal trip to H&M to make some purchases. The first time I went to H&M (8 years ago?) I kind of freaked out at how everything is so nice and so CHEAP and so nice and the store is so huge and I bought several things. This time, I went in like I go into the grocery store - a reformed shopaholic on a mission, with a shopping list. Cute cardigans? I don't need a cardigan, even if it has little birds on it and is SO CUTE. Flowery dresses? I don't need flowery dresses, even if they have collars and are 1940s inspired. Shorty overall shorts? Well... if they have my size, I might try them on... they don't? Relief mixed with disappointment, mainly relief. (and a mental note to find shorty overalls somewhere else for cheap someday)

Yes, I hear your cries of horror at the idea of baggy overall shorts. And yet... and yet...

And I looked at dresses and found one that was $39.99 and tried it on and it is PERFECT and it FITS and there is space to wear a shirt INSIDE if I want, and it has a long enough skirt to be professional, yet short enough to be flattering and I love it. $39.99! Win.

And then on my way out of the changing room I found a nightgown EXACTLY LIKE I HAVE WANTED FOR AGES. I made a quick, executive decision to buy it, as it cost $19.99 and I have always wanted one.

It's like the rule for grocery shopping - if tomatoes are not on my list, but I see them and realize they *should have been on the list*, then it's OK to buy them. So had I known H&M was selling Victorian-style nightgowns, it would have been on my list. So I bought that too.

All you need to know is that I found this image of an old-timey nightgown on a website called Pemberley Couture. Go ahead and Google that. I'll be here when you get back.
And that's that for my trip budget, I think. I may or may not buy the $9.99 Betsey Johnson tights I saw yesterday at Winners. I mean, I am not a girl who needs tights but... Betsey Johnson for $9.99?

Betsey Johnson says "Hell yeah, buy the tights!"

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Olivia Corey said...

This post just makes me smile :-)

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