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Day 34: can it possibly be true?

Frugal news of the day:

I have been informed by a local frugal consultant that Sephora allegedly gives you FREE SAMPLES OF THINGS. I will investigate this tomorrow. (thanks for the tip, HP!)

Before I knew this, you should have seen the restraint as I casually walked RIGHT PAST THE SEPHORA STORE in the mall. I was like, "Oh, hello store that I am going to avoid in order to resist temptation," and sauntered past.

It also somehow escaped my notice until earlier today that I am currently staying across the street from a TORONTO WINNERS STORE. Winners! Toronto Winners! I scouted around today and they have things like Calvin Klein pleather minidresses for like, $18. This, in combo with H&M, may be my frugal mecca.

Plus, the great thing about free samples at Sephora is that they can go in my carry-on luggage, unlike their larger counterparts that cost money.

Frugal travel is, dare I say, even more fun? I mean, all the same fun as non-frugal travel, but with interesting challenges and no feelings of guilt.

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