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Day 33: like Lindsay Lohan in a crack store

I have arrived in Toronto. I have the whole afternoon at my leisure to do whatever I want.




So, this might be difficult. Why are all of these extremely hard frugal challenges happening right at the BEGINNING of detox? I'm sure by October, or even July, it would be nothing to come here and not go shopping.

What can you do for free? I will investigate and report back. But in frugal news, I refrained from buying a magazine at the airport (which I usually do) and instead read the free newspaper that they give you for flying. So that was frugal. I also brought my own snacks, so I didn't have to buy any expensive airport food.

And then I just went to buy a sandwich and a Hot Drink and got back and realized I left the sandwich there. So, even though my food will be reimbursed by work, I am hungry, and my frugal challenge shall be to go back over there and pick up my sandwich I forgot. Oh, the shame.


Kate said...

You can:
- take a stroll along the waterfront (though maybe a bit cold today)
- head over to Ossington and check out the shops for inspiration (Maybe new takes on stuff you already have?)
- go to the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) tonight because it is FREE on Wednesdays after 6PM
- go to Riverdale Farm and pat some animals, then stroll through Cabbagetown looking for Scott Pilgrim sets
- head to the NFB and spend the afternoon watching movies for FREE
- tomorrow you can go to the Canadian Opera Company for a free concert at noon

Foster said...

Ooh, so many fun options. Free art gallery! And it just happens to be tonight, the one night I am able to go? Win.

I am also going to go to the one refuge for the frugal, the public library. Mainly to spy and steal their ideas. Ooh, and maybe I can seek out things to bring for Frugal Potluck/Tattoo Childrens Choir reunion tomorrow night.

Kate said...

There's a science ficion library up on College near u of t. It's supposed to be pretty good. I like the one in my neighbourhood at Pape and Danforth: very small but bright and cheerful.

You can go to St. Laurence Market and check out their goodies. There's a food market, and a flea market.

(please find an orange sequined cat suit for tomorrow. Mark only sort of believes that whole thing.)

Foster said...

That's the library I went to! They have a cool collection of vintage children's books too, including some original paintings used for illustrations (i.e. one of the panels from The Hockey Sweater). I wandered all the way down Chinatown, where all of the front displays of cheap tshirts and sunglasses were still out despite the snow.

Am sure I can scrounge up a (see-through!) orange sequin catsuit. Barring that, we can all dress as Savage Scots.

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