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Day 33 (cont'd): like Charlie Sheen in a briefcase-of-porn store

So, I went to the yarn store and - frugally - I did not buy the cute bags to carry your knitting in, or the cute knitting needles made of bamboo, or the EXCEEDINGLY CUTE yarn with the sparkles in it that cost $38/skein. But rather, in frugal fashion, I purchased two $8 skeins.

I also did not buy the $2 sequinned shoes in Chinatown (I have sparkley shoes at home already, and those are not on the list). Furthermore, I did not buy the leopard-print miniskirt I saw for $12.50 at H&M. But I am thinking about it some more. That's a good price. Frugal, even.

And I bought two postcards.

AND when I went back to get my sandwich I forgot, they were like, "We're so glad you came back! Here, let us heat it for you on the panini grill!"

And the sandwich was cheese-and-tomato, because my frugal books all tell me that vegetarian food is more frugal than meat.

Frugal win? I think so. Thus far.


Luke M said...

$2?! Just buy the shoes. And the skirt.

I will not be very good for your frugality.

Foster said...

Not a good influence, Luke. I am still thinking about the skirt, though. My budget is $100 for the trip so it may work.

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