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Day 32: Even buying good things costs money

Something I am still trying to wrap my head around - spending money on anything still counts as spending money. Like, whether I spent $60 on a top, a scarf, two lipsticks, groceries, organic healthy groceries, or craft supplies -- it still counts as spending money. And I still need to think about it.

So, following this train of thought brings me back to my Shopping List for Toronto (shimmer thing and black dress). And I had it all well under control, until it was mentioned to me that Toronto is the Canadian hub for knitting awesomeness. And that it is, in fact, the home of a blogger called The Yarn Harlot and that one of her favourite knitting stores will be within the radius of where my visit will take place.

"But I can't fit lots of yarn in my small bag of luggage," I said, slightly tempted by the idea.

"You can put the yarn in a bag from the store and make it a second carry-on," suggested my knitting friend.

"But I don't want to just buy random yarn without a pattern to knit," I said, even more persuaded.

"You can buy a pattern there!"

And I was sold. Mostly sold. Possibly sold. Quasi-sold on the idea of buying some cool yarn from the fancypants yarn store frequented by a famous Canadian blogger. I at least will try and go see what it looks like. Maybe I will buy one or two balls of cool yarn and make something small and cute and frugal with it.

Look how frugal yarn is! She is wearing a bonnet! Probably a bonnet she knit herself!
So, coming back to the first paragraph: although buying yarn SEEMS more frugal than buying a bunch of sequinned tights or whatever, unless I am buying it for a REASON, then it is exactly the same kind of senseless spending that got me into this mess in the first place.

And yet, buying yarn seems somehow more virtuous than buying tights or makeup. So, this will be a test.

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