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Day 9: anatomy of a grocery shopping trip

So, in order to understand what happened today, you need to realize that my workplace is right across the street from a mall containing a grocery store and other shops. So the temptation is there all the time, every day.

What happened today

1) Slept in, did not have anything on hand for a quick breakfast, arrived early at the mall and so I bought a breakfast sandwich.


It would have been more frugal to plan ahead and to have had breakfast on hand, but it would have been less frugal to just starve, because then I would lose all reason and sense and probably buy something useless later on. And also frugal: I just bought the sandwich, I did not allow them to upsell me hashbrowns or a drink as well. Also frugal: I went to Tim Horton's, which is cheap.

2) Went to work, started getting hungry towards the end of the day, and began fantasizing about buying a Subway sandwich on the way home. "But no!" I said to myself. "Buying a sandwich is not frugal. What you need to do is buy INGREDIENTS so you can make yourself SEVERAL SANDWICHES at home."

Frugal index: medium.

Again, it would have been more frugal to have brought snacks with me, so I wouldn't be hungry. And it would have been even more frugal to prepare some sort of grocery list on paper, rather than just thinking it up. BUT it is still frugal to buy ingredients, rather than a single sandwich.

3) So, I went to the grocery store with the following shopping list in mind: sandwich meat, green pepper, mozzarella cheese, frozen french fries, marshmallow fluff (the fluff is because I am going to make another batch of FUDGE which is so good).

Left the grocery store with the following:

Everything bagels (from the cheaper brand)
Frozen chicken strips (cheaper brand)
Cream cheese (cheaper brand, to go on the bagels)
Tomato soup (not cheap brand, from in-store display; was too lazy to go back and check the shelves for the best per-unit pricing; also my arms were full of groceries)
Marshmallow fluff (from the list)
Sandwich meat (only cost $1.31 to get 100g from the deli counter!) (from the list)
Mozzarella cheese (cheapest brand) (from the list)
Frozen french fries (only brand available; smaller bag, which is less frugal than the bigger bag, but the bigger bag wouldn't have fit in my freezer) (side note: is it more frugal to buy potatoes and then fry them?) (from the list)
Red grapes (in-store display, looked yummy, also I should eat more fruit)
Mediterranean yogurt (I remembered when by the dairy case that I was out of this yogurt which is SO GOOD)
Orange juice (I am out of orange juice) (I bought the store brand!)
Green pepper (from the list)

FRUGAL INDEX: medium/low.

I bought the things from the list, and when possible, went with the store-brand or cheapest available brand. ALSO because I recently activated my club card, I was able to redeem points even though I didn't have it with me and I saved $4.35 by being a member. But, of course, this is not super-frugal because I did follow the list; I impulse-bought the soup without doing a price comparison; and it is not based on any sort of meal plan.

I am going to start doing a meal plan, by the way. One of my Frugal Advisors has said that helps out both financially, and spices up your meals. I got a cookbook for Christmas anyway, so I need to pick some recipes and get at it.

4) Also I bought a latte today.

Yes, this is a picture of Paris Hilton.
It is so that psychologically, when I think about buying a $5 coffee, I think of her, and then don't do it.

FRUGAL INDEX: low-to-nonexistent.

I was thirsty and wanted one. There is no excuse. It cost almost $5. That is ridiculous and I apologize.

1 comment:

Olivia Corey said...

This post reminded me of myself and made me want to scream out: Never Go Grocery Shopping When You're Hungry! Empty stomach leads to empty pocketbook. Plus yes, buying potatoes and oil, which you can use for everything, is way cheaper and healthier than doing the frozen french fry deal. Plus, it's always good to know what's in your food. I make fries in the oven, thereby using less oil, and add onion salt, garlic powder, rosemary, and thyme, after brushing the cut potatoes (with skins) with olive oil. They're really, really good.
Very courageous and inspiring, particularly your honesty about your struggles.
Again, working on reading your blog from day 1. Quite enjoyable.

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