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Day 8: a day with no spending!! + AIR MILES FTW

Yes, I went today without buying anything! I mean, it wasn't particularly hard seeing as I spent the day at work. I guess the hardest part was packing a lunch, but I had leftovers so it wasn't so bad. Woot?

And after consideration about yesterday's Groupon fiasco sending my plans for off-peak gym membership into disarray, I had my decision made for me because I can't actually afford to get the Groupon deal without dipping into overdraft/credit cards, so that is that.

Blah blah, that's boring, but what's superexciting and interesting are AIRMILES.

So, I've been faithfully having  my Air Miles card scanned at the grocery store for the past... 6 or so years? And never really thought anything of it, and never attempted to redeem them for flights or anything because I figured I didn't have very many. But then, my sister informed me that she activated her card online and you can redeem points for free things!

I had to phone the Air Miles customer service line (after phoning my mother to get the phone number I had 6 years ago, to use for validation... thanks, Mom!) but then I got all setup online.

It's the greatest EVER! Like shopping but FREE, and no shipping charges! I had 586 points, and was able to get:

$25 gift card for iTunes (Martha Wainwright album, here I come!!)
$25 restaurant gift card for the restaurant a few blocks from my house
2 free movie passes

Free shopping! Thanks, Air Miles!

Oh, and also thanks to Diana, who thoughtfully sent me 3 of the songs from the Martha Wainwright album. So, now I don't even have to spend the full $7.99 to buy her album, just the songs that I need to complete the whole thing. Which leaves lots of leftover iTunes cash for later on, next time I start lusting after some obscure album.

Bring it on, week 2/52!

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