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Day 5: my cat will not be living frugally

So, today I was thinking: I think too much about shopping. Why is there always some thing I have to get every single day? Is it because I don’t drive, so I pick up groceries in bits and pieces? I want a day where I don’t have to THINK about finances, gah.

Anyway, so the story goes like this:

I bought my cat some Christmas presents from the healthy-food pet store, and they gave me a sample of this healthy pet food (grain-free, high protein, etc etc). And I put it like a treat on top of my cat’s normal (vet store dental) food, and she loved it.

Too much.

Now she won’t eat her old food, so I capitulated to her hunger strike and bought a bag of the healthy grain-free food (despite the 3/4 of a 50 KG BAG of dental food currently living in my kitchen).
The grain-free food came in a small bag for $12 or a bigger bag for $32. For CAT FOOD? How can you be frugal and also make your indoor-but-used-to-be-outdoor, frequently left alone, amazingpants cat still feel loved? I don’t know. I don’t think that cheapy cat food is the answer, since I already know her teeth are susceptible to decay.

And the other stuff I bought were ingredients to make chocolate-peanut-butter fudge, because I read a recipe and it sounds AMAZEBALLS and also because every day I crave chocolate after lunch and if I make my own fudge, it will be a frugal way to indulge this, without having to buy a bag of M&Ms every day (note: the holiday minty M&Ms? AMAZING)

No impulse purchases today, hurrah! I went into the store with my list of fudge ingredients and I bought nothing else! ha ha ha

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