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Day 4: frugal help for muscle aches?

So, here we are, day 4. A few steps forward, a teeny tiny little insignificant step back.

Oh, my aching back!


- I packed my lunch and brought it with me! In so doing, I avoided spending money on lunch food (when I already had ingredients at home) and I also avoided the dreaded MALL, a terrible place to go when hungry.


They look yummy, right? Only $1.99!

- small impulse buy of peanut butter cookie dough chocolates. In my defence: they were on sale! For $1.99! I bought the chocolate chip cookie dough chocolates before Detox and they cost $4.99! So it was a bargain I could not refuse.

Sadly, I had forgotten how bland these taste. The peanut butter variety is no better than the chocolate chip cookie variety. A good cookie dough needs to be salty, and these are just meh. Shows me for breaking the Detox rule against impulse buying. I will still finish off the package, obviously.


- while in the drugstore, I noticed these excellent special electric heater packs you can put on your neck/shoulders to relax you. My massage therapist always tells me to apply heat to my neck and shoulders, and I have trouble doing that seeing as how I don't own a microwave, so I can't heat up my Magic Bag. I got a hot water bottle pre-Detox, but you can't drape it over your shoulders in a relaxing manner.

So, this electric thingie seems like a good idea, since less muscle pain would be good. However, it costs $46.99. So is it more frugal to buy an electric shoulder heating pad, or just to buy a microwave and use it to heat my magic bag, which I already own?

I presented this conundrum to my Detox Advisor, who asked if there was any other way to heat up the magic bag. And so now I am doing the Most Frugal thing possible, heating up the magic bag by putting it on top of my hot water bottle.

(Note: Magic Bag does say it can be heated in the oven, wrapped in aluminum foil, for 45 minutes. This terrifies me, and the fact I would have to buy aluminum foil and then keep my oven on for 45 minutes doesn't seem very frugal)

I only want to hear this album... is that so much to ask?

In other news, I checked up on how I had requested the Martha Wainwright album of Edith Piaf covers from the library (rather than purchasing, back on Day 1) and saw that it is just ON ORDER. Who knows how long it will take to arrive?? Oh, I want it so badly and I can't find a download ANYWHERE on the internet. But I will stay strong. And wait.

For a bit.

I hope.


haitch pee said...

Not to be a devil on your shoulder but... do the guidelines allow any purchases? Like, one a month or something? Because a microwave would allow not only magic bag heating, but quick heating up of leftovers (or items pre-coooked and frozen) when one is tired and hungry. I know that you can use the stove / oven for this too, but sometimes the speed of the microwave is a godsend when so hungry one is tempted to go out to eat...

haitch pee said...

ps - check craigslist free stuff and other sources for used micro, if you are "allowed"

Foster said...

Good suggestion re: Kijiji or Craigslist for used micro. However, I tried putting the Magic Bag on the hot water bottle and it worked pretty well. There is also a micro at work so I can do muscle relaxing while on my lunch/supper breaks as well.

The other issue is that there is no space for a microwave in my tiny little kitchen with the tiny counter space.

haitch pee said...

this a delayed reply to say - excellent job shooting me down! enjoy your work relaxing, hot-water bottle heating, and small kitchen not-cluttering!

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