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Day 31: deal or no deal? Buying cable to save money on the internet

So, when I moved into my current apt., I was able to get a deal on super-duper-high-speed internet at $19 a month for three months. Those months, friends, have just ended. This is part of the reason why my phone bill suddenly got so high, i.e. super-high-speed internet costs $44 regularly.

Anyway, so I went to the phone store to get switched down to normal-speed internet, which is slightly cheapter at $34. At the time, the guy was like, "Do you have cable?" And I was like, "No, I don't," and he was like, "If you get cable, you could get everything for $19 again for three months," and I was like, "No, I don't want cable, thanks."

I don't want cable because I get all my shows on the internet anyway, and I am afraid if I had TV I would just watch terrible things all the time. When I watch TV on my computer, it is (almost) always something I really want to watch, rather than just noise in the background.

Oh, the olden days, when gathering around the TV was considered valuable family bonding time.

...and then I spent like three hours reading celebrity gossip, so I am not setting myself up as the paragon of virtue here. The difference is just that, celebrity gossip is free with internet - I have to pay money to watch Entertainment Tonight on the TV.

Anyway, I have been seeing billboards around mentioning the same deal the phone store man told me. And I investigated further, and it's really true: if I get cable, then they will bundle it with my phone and internet for $19 for three months.

I am going to SAVE MONEY by getting cable. This also means I can watch the ACADEMY AWARDS at the end of the month, which is so exciting. Last year was sad when all I could do was troll around the internet, reading updates from peoples' liveblogs ("Ooh, look at her dress. That's a nice-looking dress." Me: "WHY CAN'T I SEE THE DRESS?? WAH")
I mean, imagine if I hadn't seen this dress live, only had liveblogs to go by. ACADEMY AWARDS MUST BE WATCHED LIVE! This is a rule of life.

So anyway. The CRUCIAL ELEMENT of this whole deal is to remember to CANCEL THE CABLE before three months are up. Because, when the deal ends, it will cost like $70 for all of these services.

Am I scamming the cable company? Hardly. I'd be happy unplugging the cable or not even having it installed if it meant my internet connection and phone cost $19 for three months.

And hopefully in three months... they will have another deal? See, sometimes the frugal choice is the choice to buy something you don't really want.

And such is the lesson of the end of my first month of shopping detox.

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