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Day 3: the most frugal type of gym membership?

Oh, fond memories of childhood shopping...

So far, so good. If anyone is thinking about doing shopping detox, it's excellent to start right after the holiday season, when I'm still enjoying all of my new gifts and it doesn't feel like a sacrifice whatsoever.

Today, I went grocery shopping again to get the 2 things the corner store didn't have yesterday. While in the Very Big Grocery Store I was lured in by the bin of very cheap thermal clothes ($4.94!) but remained resolute to only buy the things from my shopping list, which were:

- tofu
- pasta sauce

So, by not giving into the impulse purchase of thermals, I saved $9.98! (because I would have bought a thermal shirt and pants, if I had been going to)

I also was thinking about how I will need to find things to do with my time. Even when I was a kid, shopping was the thing I did. Saturday afternoon? Go up to the mall, wander around, buy some things. I can't see the appeal in walking somewhere without some sort of purpose, so I need a goal.

So, since I like quite literally across the park from a gym, I went by today to see about how joining works. You can get a 2-week free trial membership, which I think I will try someday when I have 2 weeks when I have lots of time to go there and try things out.


Is it saving money, paying for a gym membership? Actually, I think it is, at least a bit. Esp. when you consider than by exercising, I will have less aches and pains and therefore will not get so many massages (my health plan pays for a certain amount of massages, a quota I filled by like, August 2010)

So, I have to figure out the most frugal type of membership (aside from getting a series of 2-week trial memberships at a variety of gyms).

Anyway, I can either pay:

$420 for a regular year membership ($35 a month) (this is far less than I currently spend on clothes, for the record)
$260 for 6 months ($43 a month, less than I currently spend on lunches and uncaffeinated coffee type drinks)
$10 per drop-in visit (or $89 for a 10 pack) (each gym visit costing the same as a normal lunch)

But, I think the best frugal option is:

$230 for a 6-month off-peak membership

You can also get a year-long off-peak membership, but I don't know how much I will end up using this and buying a year's worth when I only go a few times is not frugal, really. Off-peak membership, like all frugal things, is the slightly less-glamorous and inconvenient cousin of normal membership. I can only go at certain times (Mon - Fri 7:30am - 10:30am, 1:15pm-3:30pm, 6:30pm to close and also Sat/Sun all day). This seems OK, since I probably will mostly be going after 6:30pm and on the weekends.

Anyway, the first step will be the FREE two-week trial thing, which I will use in frugal style by attending every single class I possibly can, to see if I really like it.

Today's savings: $9.98
YTD savings: $19.87


Divinity said...

I don't know about Saskatoon but City of Vancouver employees, including Library staff, get a significant discount at Vancouver Parks & Rec Centres. I'm not great about using it despite buying it last year but might try since a couple of new ones have recently opened up by my place.

Foster said...

Yeah, I thought about this too. I even (briefly) had a city leisure pass with the discount, but I never went. The thing about the gym across from my house is, it's >5 min. walk away. So I won't have to change my schedule or plan ahead or anything, so I will use it more, which I think wil lbe frugal?

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